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Mastermind Business Coaching – Managers

Mastermind Business Coaching - Managers

By Weaver Business Coaching | Sector: Business Services

Program helps larger businesses train managers to stay focused, develop/monitor appropriate matrices, while developing dept/global strategic business plans

Price: Varies to package features (most packages range from $3600 to $5000 for an entire year)

Developing strong managers is one of the best investments a company can make. Imagine the benefits of having a management team focused on growing profits, streamlining operations, and improving customer satisfaction. Our Strategic Manager program uses high-impact quarterly workshops to develop managers and other key employees into true leaders who take charge and drive big results. Typical training and seminars don’t work because the effects are temporary. Lasting and positive change can only occur when your managers engage in an ongoing development and accountability process specifically designed to bring out the very best in your team.


The benefits are clear:

► Helps managers see the “big picture” and become more productive, focused, and effective
► Improves mindsets, skills, and habits
► Delivered in a confidential, private group format, so it’s  interactive and affordable
► Requires only one day a quarter
► Managers leave with customized action plans tailored to their specific roles and goals


Addresses critical business management strategies, including:

► Sales and marketing
► Leadership and management
► Planning and development
► Operations

After one year, your managers will qualify to participate in Strategic Mastery for Managers – an on-going coaching and accountability process delivered in a roundtable format.

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This Service Available In:  Utah County, Salt Lake County, Davis County, Weber County

Weaver Business Coaching

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