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What is Utah Business HUB?

Utah Business HUB is a local directory of Utah businesses registered in the State of Utah (Register of Commerce, …). Our main goal is aiding business to business interaction. We connect small businesses in Utah with other small businesses in Utah so they can each grow and prosper locally, eliminating the out of country supplier; thereby cutting time, shipping costs, efforts and money.

Utah Business HUB is built to improve business connections between local businesses. We help them co-operate and co-partner to enhance and grow the “Made In Utah” umbrella.

Utah Business HUB is also handy for small and medium companies that can’t afford a huge advertising budget. With our low rates and search engine know how, you will be at the top of Google enhancing your web presence immediately.

We built the directory using the latest web technology that enables search engines to index every service and company, thereby allowing anyone to locate your company easily on the Internet using Google, Bing or any other search product.

Think of Utah Business HUB as a dating website where companies can meet their logical mate. Our motto is “Boosting Local Businesses “.

Status update: please note that the HUB is developed by a group of global professionals who came and felt in love with Utah (convention, vacation, temporary mission, …) with Thierry of the Global Chamber of Commerce serving as the local point of contact. It is a long term project which we improve after regular consultations managed by Thierry in the field with businesses and dignitaries in every urban/rural counties of Utah. We have opened for the moment only the free account portion of the project while we are developing the paying services based on such consultations which will be managed by a global US company. Following bad behavior and as we are global mind people working with many world cultures and as such we take a great care in respecting the local culture, sensibilities and values of the people of the great State of Utah, please be aware that you will need Thierry for stage 2 and 3 of your registration process (see “contacts”) and create your free account. Thank you for trusting the Utah Business Hub for growing your Utah business. Follow our progress on and like the Hub’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UtahBusinessHUB/


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